Did You Read Online Gambling Terms Before Playing?


Gambling is the most basic activity we may think of.It is all about placing a wager on a certain event with an unknown conclusion in the hope of making a little additional cash.

However, like with everything attracting devoted and ardent players for a 카지노사이트, it has been muddled by a plethora of jargon that will perplex even the sharpest newcomers.

우리카지노, which is one famous online casino; mostly played in Korea also hosts this game.It is understandable to feel overawed when walking into any casino, but with a little preparation, you can be quite at home at the most opulent places.

Let us get familiarised with some of the terms that are generally used in various casino games.


When a player chooses a number of possibilities for betting on, an accumulator is used. It is popular in sports betting as well as horse racing. Any gains from your first bet are instantly passed on to the next – the wager is only valid if each bet is correct.


The money that any player must have set aside just for the sole purpose of wagering is referred to as their bankroll.

Betting limits

If a game has any betting limits, these are the maximum amounts that are wagered in that game. Each game normally has a minimum and maximum bet.


A bonus will be a monetary reward provided to players in exchange for promoting their online casinos. New players are frequently given bonuses with varying perks linked with various casinos.

Burn card

The solitary face-down card is dealt with at the start of a shoe or whenever a new community card is introduced during the poker game. This is to ensure that the game’s integrity is preserved.


When a collection of slot machines will be placed in a circle. This permits the person in charge of turning banknotes into a coin for standing in the centre.

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