To what extent is internet gambling permitted in India?


The goal of any online gaming session should be pure entertainment, not financial gain. This means that financial gain is secondary to your enjoyment of the game. For the last several decades, individuals all around the globe have found enjoyment in playing video games online. Whether it’s a poker game, a multiplayer, or an online gambling game, people have always liked playing them online. On the other hand, there’s been a great deal of discussion on whether or not participating in this online poker India games via the use of the top wagering app in India constitutes gambling. So, what exactly does Indian law have to say about playing games online?

Indian Gambling Law: A Quick Overview

The 1867 Public Wagering Act governs gaming in India. This law prohibits all forms of gambling in public and maintains vigilant monitoring of games of chance. There are, of course, always exceptions to the norm. For instance, the prohibition on gambling does not apply to games practiced in private homes or clubs. Internet games are not regarded to be open gambling either. This is because the games do not take place in a real-world setting. The games include cutting-edge technology. So how do today’s technologies affect traditional casinos in the flesh? Augmented reality is only one example. As a result, Indian law clearly states that internet gaming is not a criminal offense. Nonetheless, there are a few ambiguities surrounding internet gaming. Some online games, for instance, may ask for real money in exchange for virtual goods or entry into competitions. Such a scenario raises the likelihood that the game in question is illegal gambling.

What makes online games different from gambling?

Because we now know that playing video games online is not against the law in India, we can go on to investigate the reasons why playing these games does not constitute gambling.

  • Gambling does not include playing games of chance

The vast majority of online games focus on strategy rather than luck. This indicates that skill rather than chance determines the winner of the game. In poker, for example, a skilled player has a greater chance of success than one who just relies on chance.

  • People gamble for financial gain

The goal of any online gaming session should be pure entertainment, not financial gain. This means that financial gain is secondary to your enjoyment of the game. Contrarily, the only motivation for those who engage in gambling is financial gain.

  • It’s not safe to play games online

When you bet, you put up cash in the hopes of winning more. There is no danger in playing a game online since you are not wagering actual cash. It rules out the possibility of classifying them as gambling.

  • Online gaming’s rules are open and easy to understand

Most online games have straightforward rules that are easy to understand. In contrast, the rules of gambling are often ambiguous and open to interpretation. Players can enjoy the game more freely and concentrate on their skills thanks to this level of honesty.

  • The unpredictability of gambling

The outcomes of chance-based games are constantly up in the air. On the contrary hand, a player’s talent makes a significant difference in the result of an online game. It rules out the possibility of classifying them as gambling.

  • Although internet gaming is not addictive, gambling is

It’s common knowledge that gambling is addicting and may quickly lead to bankruptcy. Yet, unlike traditional gaming, internet gaming does not lead to addiction or carry the same health hazards.

  • India has a strict stance on gambling, although internet casinos are permissible

The Public Betting Act of 1867 makes it illegal to host or participate in any kind of gambling in India. Casino betting is not illegal since it is not addressed by this statute.

  • Luck does not play a role in online gaming

As we discussed previously, the vast majority of online games are focused on ability rather than luck. This suggests that the player’s skill, rather than chance, will decide the outcome of the game.

  • Internet gaming doesn’t bankrupt you as conventional gambling does

As it is possible to make greater losses than one can afford to gamble, it is often believed that gambling leads to bankruptcy. Yet, since it is focused on ability rather than luck, rather than chance, internet gambling poses no such dangers.

Playing games online is not the same as gambling

To sum up, internet games aren’t gambling since they require talent rather than luck, there is always the possibility of losing money, the rules are easy to understand, and poker players cannot get addicted. You can safely indulge in your passion for online gaming without worrying about breaking the law or developing a gambling addiction. Make sure you play within your means and don’t get carried away.

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